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    Market research

    Insufficient understanding of competitive environment, insufficient knowledge of target audience and the other important issues –  sure way to losses. Fortunately, market research helps to solve theses issues and will make your business grow.

    Any business project should be started from detailed market research. The research will be instrumental in identifying which strategy should be used for profit maximisation.

    Main items of market research include the following:

    • analysis of trends, industries, development of scenarios and forecasting of main parameters;
    • identification of the most profitable segments;
    • compatitive analysis in the selected market segment;
    • pricing analysis (analysis of prices in competitive niches, state regulation, identification of market niches);
    • development of market penetration plans.

    Why Use or service?

    We specialise in retail/consumer goods and financial sectors as well as in FMCG and food and retail. Our Company successfully implemented a number of business projects. We are proud of the fact that:

    • Euroresearch & Consulting - trusted advisor to major banks and industrial enterprises;
    • our professionals have solid market research experience gain from a number of industry related projects;
    • we use origional mathodology to study the market;
    • your business will be evaluated by professionals, with excellent education and professional certification.

    We perform market research of consumer goods as well as industrial sectors.

    What we do:

    • analysis of target audience and its segmentation;
    • product research and testing: analysis of consumer behavior with respect to the products;
    • evaluation of consumer behaviour of target audience: analysis of social and demographical charachteristics of consumers, brand awarenessк, consumer barriers ;
    • pricing analysis in market research: identification of efficient price on the basis of product characteristics and competitive environment.
    • competitive analysis;

    Market research also include pricing analysis, export/import analysis and indentification of products with very high potential.

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    Market research, strategy and business plans

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