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    Reference List:


    ОАО "GazpromNeft":

    Euroresearch & Consulting finalised a project related with analysis of chemical sector in Russia.

    "The project was performed in line with expectations with respect to quality and timeline. The information presented in the research report was very usefull for our company's decision making with respect to a new investment project. We expect to continue with our successful partnership with Euroresearch & Consulting.

    A. N. Sitnikov"

    ООО "Industrial Resource”::

    Our company initiated a project, focused on building a plant, which produces extrusion instruments. We signed a contract with Euroresearch & Consulting to develop the business plan to build the plant. During the course of the project, Euroresearch & Consulting developed detailed financial model, evaluated several project scenarios and performed sensitivity analysis with respect to a number of external economical parameters. The company also developed detailed business plan.

    On the basis of the presented data, Euroresearch & Consulting developed the financial model and the business plan at a very high level of quality and in line with the requested timeline. We received the product of high quality, which meets our requirements. We would like to thank the company's profesionals for the work and hope for further partnership opprotunities.


    ОАО "Rosnano”:

    At the end of 2013 Euroresearch & Consulting performed analysis of Russian tableware market. During the course of the project the Company performed expert interviews, survey of tableware consumers in different regions of Russia, performed analysis of present market status and identified ways of market development. 

    We would like to thank Euroresearch and Consulting for the cooperation and hope for further partnership. 

    V. V. Plyndin, ОАО Rosnano

    VTB Factoring :

    "We purchased research report "Comparative analysis of SME lending programs”. The research report satisfied us as it contained all the information we required. The presented information was usefull and uptodate. We would like to thank the company for the product!

    VTB Factoring

    ОАО Gazprom:

    Our company's professional developed financial model of OAO Gazprom to evaluate the company's strategic investment initiatives.


    ОАО EuroChem

    Our Company's professionals developed financial planning model of EuroChem. The financial model was used to develop five year strategy of the company and for analysis of the company's strategic investment projects, including development of potash field.

    ОАО EuroChem

    ОАО AFK Systema

    Euroresearch & Consulting developed analysis of industrial and defence sector in Russia.

    ОАО АФК Система

    ООО "AMD Cargo"

    Our company's professionals conducted market research project. We also developed business plan. During the course of the project, our company performed market research project, we developed financial and economical model, evaluated different project scenarios and performed sensitivity analysis with respect to different macroeconomical parameters. We also developed financial and economical justification of the investment project.

    ООО "AMD Cargo"

    ООО "SamSheet"

    В мае 2013 года наша компания подготовила бизнес план модернизации молочного предприятия ООО "Самшит". В рамках данного бизнес плана был проведен анализ рынка, была построена финансово - экономическая модель и проведен сценарный анализ проекта.

    ООО "Cамшит"

    ООО "Northern Fish"

    In 2013 Euroresearch & Consulting developed business plan to receive commercial banking financing for OOO Nothern Fish. The goal of the project was to develop required documentation to attract financing for industrial breeding of fish. During the course of the project, our professionals developed financial and economical model and performed scenario analysis. The business plan was successfully developed and presented to the bank. 

    ООО "Northern Fish"

    ООО "AMD Cargo"

    In january 2014 we signed an agreement with Euroresearch & consulting to develop business plan and strategy of development of land property in Moscow. During the course of the project, Euroresearch & Consulting performed market research, developed financial model and performed scenario analysis. The company also developed several ways of the land development. We would like to thank the Company's professionals for the high quality of project results

    ООО "AMD Cargo"

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